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Queen Bee Has Arrived by SkullPurple
Queen Bee Has Arrived

A lot of designs, a lot of drawing, a lot of compromising, a lot of mistakes. This drawing is the definition of the struggle. 

District 10 is the district that represents livestock:

About the Outfit:

So this bundle of love is a design created by my lovley :iconangelroxas45: and :iconbunnychan13: and a little bit of myself. 

It has some honeycomb accents on the thighs and fur/leather everything! Woo 

There's a lot more too it but I forget...this outfit has gone through many changes so a lot of the ideas got lost within it. The outfit is not exactly flashy (though I really wanted it to be flashy) but that is because the colors and the design elements are dulled to represent the district
On the night before the reaping, I laid in bed, reading and daydreaming of a better world. A world of freedom of speech, a world without death, a world without war, a world without poverty, and so on. Yeah, I was a dreamer, I always had these silly ideas about my personal utopia- my own personal, little utopia. In that world, my family wouldn't struggle, we would live in a big house where we'd never run out food, and my parents would be happy. But don't worry, I didn't always have my mind up in the clouds and wishing on impossible things. It was only on these sleepless nights that I made room for these thoughts.

The reason why I couldn't rest that night wasn't because of the reaping that was occur the next day...I mean, how could I out of 19,234 people get chosen? If I've lasted this long without getting picked, I'm sure I can last another two years safely. I'm sorry...that previous statement was somewhat extreme, I mean...what if I did get picked? What would my parents do...their only blood child getting a death sentence. If I was gone, I wouldn't be able to see them grow old or see my brothers strive for greatness. These thoughts rushed throughout my head for the remainder of the night and eventually crept into the early morning. I didn't sleep that night, but I wasn't concerned. As I've stated before,these sleepless nights were a repeating occurrence. Before I knew it, I felt an extreme amount of pressure on top of the covers.

"Wake up!" The voice exclaimed.

I knew that voice any day; it was my eldest brother, Will. Even on terrible, depressing days like this, he knew how to brighten up the room. I smiled as I lifted the covers. I then looked him dead in the eyes, as if he had made a grave mistake, but I could never be stern with him so since he was such a gentle soul...a smile immediately crept on my face as he embraced me with brotherly love. Will was one of those guys that I was proud to call my brother, he had always been someone that people, as well as myself, looked up to.  After he was done with his morning hug, he tossed me a dress that use to belong to my mother when she was in her teens.The dress was old, but was in good condition thanks to my mother's care, having stored it in a safe place where it wouldn't get damaged.

When my brother left the room, I closed the door, removed my night garments, then slipped the dress on. I then put on my black leather shoes, washed my face in the water bowl, then combed my hair. It wasn't much but the look was actually somewhat flattering only beause it was nice for a change as I looked in the broken mirror next to my dresser in the bedroom. I then exited my room and made my way to our dining table. As it always was my brothers, Tomaz and Tristan sat on one side of the table while Will and myself sat on the other. My parents would always sit on opposite sides of the table but, in the long run, that was alright with me because they didn't exactly get along.

That day, the dinner table was silent as we ate our breakfast which was always a small hunk of beef that we shared around the table and a few rotten vegetables. Occasionally, Will would nudge me as we made our small, inside jokes. It wasn't anything special sure did lighten the mood for me slightly.

Before I could recall, it was time for the reaping. Everyone, and I do mean everyone in District 10 reported to our positions. But even though this was as it always was, it was just somewhat shocking for me to see so many people all in one place...the population had increased I'm assuming. As the mentor (accompanied with the many peacekeepers) for our district spoke on the podium and the video rolled, I began to wander. Looking at the faces of others in the district, I could sight the fear that was embedded in their faces...the horror. Some people were so fearful that they clenched their fists so hard the veins popped as they dug their nails into the palms of their hands to the point of where their hands would seep with blood. Before I knew it, it was time for the captors to be chosen...girls would go first, as it always was. I then closed my eyes and took a long, deep breath in an effort to calm down. Don't worry, I would tell myself. How could I out of 19,234 people get chosen? What are the odds? The mentor then chose a name out of the jar.

"What are the odds?" I repeated to myself.

"Kaida Stone." The mentor said with a calm grin.

A mark of relief then overcame my body. Suddenly, I heard a was my mother as she dropped to her knees so hard that the gravel sunk firmly into her calves and ankles. She screamed and screamed as I then just then realized what had happened.  The crowd had split, making a pathway for me right to the podium. Peacekeepers ran down towards my direction as they could see that I was so stricken with terror that I wasn't going to budge.

Will grabbed my arm as he made a clear statement that I wasn't leaving. As the peacekeepers approached he cursed, made violent threats, he even offered to take my position. But that obviously wasn't going to happen, I wouldn't even allow it. Still holding my arm and feet firmly on the ground, he tried to attack one of the peacekeepers but one of them lifted the butt of their gun and..Crack!! He fell to his knees and blood oozed out of the side of his head. I grabbed his arm, crying, and yelling but peacekeeper lifted me. I continued to hold on to my brothers arm as he dragged behind me but my strength eventually gave out as my nails dug into his skin and dragged to the beginning of his wrist. His blood now deep into the skin of my nails.

As a reaction, I started putting up a fight. I managed to slip out of the man's arms only halfway but I then suffered Will's same fate; the sound of the crack on the back of my head. My eyes became blurry, a violent headache crept, and a strong ringing in my ears became apparent. The last sight of my family were Tomaz and Tristan holding my parents down as Will bled face down on the gravel. Their image became even more distant as my vision became completely black. The last thing I heard were gun shots and blood curdling screams. I remember wishing how this was just an awful dream. Just one of my daydreams gone bad. That happens sometimes, right?

I felt a soft hand running through my hair and another hand touching the tips of my fingers. Maybe it was the touch of my mom running her fingers through my hair or maybe Will making the effort to hold my hand as if I was a child. So this was just a dream after all? I then felt the greatest fill of relief as I struggled to open my eyes. I tried to smile but my face hurt too much, everything hurt. I finally open my eyes, they were encrusted with dried tears and blood, it was almost as if they were glued shut. I heard voices mumbling as my vision slowly cleared and I began to make out faces. Now, in the end, I really do wish my eyelids were glued shut or even sown. I wish I never had to wake up to this world. My dreams were crushed and my nightmares became an even worse reality.

The hand that was once my mother's running through my hair was now a stranger cleaning the blood out of my hair. And Will's touch on the tips of my fingers were now another stranger cleaning his skin, Will's skin out from underneath my nails.

"You sure did put up quite a fight there." My mentor said as the other captor, a face I couldn't make out looked over me. I tried to make out words to be assured that my family were alright but my throat was clogged with blood. I now knew that I had no happy ending. This was just the beginning to a pathway that would be enriched with blood and its ending that would be a tomb with my name carved into its wood.
[THGOCT] Kaida S- Enrich Your Trail With My Blood
It get less boring toward the end (I hope) Cry forever SpongeBob (Cries) Big Fool Emoji-07 (Cry) [V2] happy cry XD . Sorry though, I'm not much of a writer. Hope you enjoy it. Just in case anyone is curious, this takes place in the Hunger Games Universe and is written for this rpg here on Deviantart. If anyone thinks that this is too violent, please let me know so I can censor as mature content. 
Kaida Stone [THGOCT] by SkullPurple
Kaida Stone [THGOCT]…

 Kaida Stone
Age: 16
District: 10 (2nd choice:8, 3rd choice: 11)
Health issues:  Deaf in left ear, low blood pressure, leg sometimes gives out when running, insomnia. 
Body type:  Mesomorph: hourglass shape, slender, decent posture. 
Eye Colour: Olive Green
Hair Colour: Light brown with gold highlights. 
Strengths: Good with melee weapons and other short range weapons (especially a knife).  Also does well in reading people, the principals of hunting/ lighting fire, decent tolerance to pain, knows how to be calm in dangerous situations, works well in stress, good aim when throwing objects, has a lot of strength in legs, knows how to capture animals, has sensitive hearing in right ear (can sense even some of the slightest movement), is a sculpture and artist, good communication skills, stealthy.
 Vulnerabilites:  Does not respond well to authority, does not have a lot of upper body strength, is deaf in left ear, stubborn, isn't good with climbing without a tool( due to lack of upper body strength), often can't hear from left side, bad memory.
Family: Mom and dad divorced, only child. Though they are divorced, they still live in the same home due to lack of money. Father is a butcher and Mother is a farmer.As terrible as it sounds, Parents adopted three boys to help around the house since they couldn't produce any more children after Kaida.
Will Stone- Eldest brother: Closet to Kaida, she looks up to him and sees him just as much as a brother as she does a best friend.
Tomaz Stone- 2nd youngest of the brothers: Very playful and immature but kind and sweet mannered. 
Tristan Stone- Youngest of the three: Sort of a recluse and shy's away from the rest of the world. Kaida doesn't know much about him though she had tried.

Significant other: none. Though had small and insignificant crushes every now and them.
Personality (and background):  Kaida is very friendly and passive (though she won't let people walk over her). She is very skeptical and doesn't trust many people due to some bad experiences.  She isn't someone who is closed up, she is very open and is willing to talk about anything. When she was younger, she suffered from anxiety and would often never look people in the eye. Was never comfortable around others; but that all changed as she matured as she made friends and opened up. When she was 10, she lost all hearing in left ear due to a flash bomb and trauma to the head. Growing up with three older adopted brothers, the household was very competitive.

Token: Her piercings, that were a gift to her on her 10th birthday (family custom). 



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Hola :D thanks for visiting my page :)

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